Pricelist as follows

There's a minimum order of 10 disc for Singaporean customers.
(When you hear from us, pls confirm the right email or contact number)

10 DVDs minimum, price is 3 SGD each
20 DVDs and above, price is 2.50 SGD each
10 Blu-ray, price is 4 SGD each

4k/ 4K HDR Remastered would work on your normal 1080p blu-ray player. 

Exchange Policy

We do provide replacements for titles that are defective or if you're unhappy with the quality. Items will replaced with your next order or posted to you using normal airmail. We will replace with the same title unless we do not have stock of that particular title. In that senario, you can choose another title. Our exchange policies applies to all products that we carry.

However in case of a cinavia issue, there's nothing much we can do as it is a hardware/ player issue. We can give you a different title out of goodwill but in the long run, it won't solve the problem. The only solution is to get a cinavia free player. Cinavia is present in both Blu-rays and DVDs released by Sony and more recently, Universal Pictures. Here are some examples of cinavia message. It will only appear 20 minutes after a movie is played.



Solutions for Cinavia

Cinavia affects only Blu-ray players manufactured after year 2012/ Playstation 3 and 4. It's mandatory for all Blu-ray players produced after year 2012 to detect cinavia. However, DVD players are not required to have cinavia. Thus, if you're happy with the quality of DVDs, please stick with DVD players and you will not have to face cinavia. If Blu-ray is your thing, please google the model no. of the system that you're intending to puchase and check for cinavia. For simplicity, we do carry cinavia free player on our website.

Do drop us a message if you have further enquiries.